In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comic Ro DelleGrazie. Ro DelleGrazie got started in comedy as Lisa Lampanelli’s assistant  over ten years ago in New York.

Brad: You’ve opened for Tim Allen a few times at the laugh factory, sounds like some hot shows, how did they go?

Ro: It was really fun! Tim is a really nice guy and it was pretty awesome when I met him, he told me he liked my comedy.. he always likes clever, which I was stoked about of course. It was also great watching him do an hour.

Brad: Being a hardcore New Yorker living in Los Angeles, what do you miss most most about back east?

Ro: I miss the way people drive, the food and that you can cut to the chase. I had a lot of stage time over on the east coast and I get a lot of stage time here as well but I appreciate learning how to do stand up on the east coast better because they let you know if you’re funny or not!

Brad: You did an armed forces comedy tour in Korea, how was performing for the troops?

Ro: Awesome!!! I’ve done Japan as well and they LOVE when you come out and entertain them. It reminds them of home and they’re so grateful for your time. I also perform in Dan Diego at Miramar and donate time to the Marine’s. Always glad when I do…they really have a blast!

Brad: One of our favorite jokes you do is where a guy told you he “appreciated your physique”. Do you get that a lot?

Ro: Ha! I get a lot of attention from black men it’s true 🙂 I get asked a lot if I know how lucky my boyfriend is which follows with the answer of I don’t have a boyfriend. I also hear “What’s your background?” I get that all the time… having a butt brings out something in people! Men and women!

Brad: Lately you’ve been doing shows in Canada, did those Canucks show you any love on stage?

Ro: Oh man they sure did! They loved my closer Buttasnatch! I think the minister’s wife, who happens to report for the newspaper is going to quote it. It was a blast, every show and a great cause! The Boob tour has raised over $400,000 for breast cancer research. So it’s not only fun crowds it’s a wonderful cause!

Brad: You post a lot of pictures of your cat on Facebook, any chance you’ll turn into the cat lady when you’re old and grey?

Ro: What ya mean I’ll turn….I already am!! First off I plan to be old and purple haired cause why not?? I realize this is probably why I’m single but the spread leg pictures crack me up…I just can’t help it!! So grab a cat pin for my jacket (to add to my collection!) and call me the cat broad!!!

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