In this edition of Run The Light we interview Stand Up Comedian Ron Funches.

What is your first memory of being funny?
Ron: My first memory of being funny is making fun of my mother and how poor we were to my sister at night when we would get sent to our room. My first joke was about how we had to wear the same corduroy pants so long they eventually became jeans.

How would you describe your style of Comedy?
Ron: I think my style can be described as positive laid back and rhythmic.

How long did you do stand up before you felt as though you got funny?
Ron: I think I knew I could be funny years before I started I felt I was funny after my first tv set on conan.

Doing comedy in Oregon, what made you decide to make the move to Los Angeles?
Ron: I wanted to be where the best comics and jobs were.

You talk a lot about your autistic son, did raising him affected your comedy?
Ron: My son taught me to value words and to be honest and defend your value as an individual.

You just got your name on the wall at the Comedy Store, what was it like when you found out you were passed at the store?
Ron: Getting my name on the wall and getting passed at The Store is ridiculous because its nothing I ever thought would happen. It makes me feel proud and a part of the comedy community.

You have now been on Conan, wrote for Kroll on comedy central, been on Portlandia, and you are going to be on NBC’s Undateable, what has been your favorite achievement?
Ron: My favorite achievement right now is doing a small part on Bobs Burgers because I was a huge fan of Home Movies.

With all the success you have had do you have any big goals for the future?
Ron: I want to write a movie and showcase some talented people I love. I would love to put out a great hour and take advantage of any opportunity.

Do you have any advice out there for young comics?
Ron: My only advice is to write what makes you laugh and enjoy the process.

Any big interests outside of the comedy world?
Ron: I love pro wrestling and tea.

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Interview By: Ari Mannis, Hormoz Rashidi

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