In this edition of Run the Light, We interview comedian Sammy Obeid.

Brad: You are currently doing 1000 nights in a row of stand up comedy, that’s friggin’ awesome, you’re even doing a blog about it, tell us about this.
Sammy: Starting Dec 26 2010 I just found myself performing stand up every night. I just wanted to work hard, as I was about to move to LA. At some point I decided I’d do 365 days in a row, then I made it to 365, and someone told me that Hal Sparks once did 2 years in a row, so I decided to do 1,000 days. Currently on Day 839. Not sure how I feel about everything right now, though I have these days quite often, as one could imagine.

Brad: Very recently, you competed in America’s Got Talent, how did it go?
Sammy: I did AGT in 2012 and made it to Vegas where I was eliminated. I was really sad about this, but then they aired 8 seconds of my set and I got a TV credit out of it.

Brad: Saw your name on the March Madness competition that has been going on, think you got what it takes to make the Final Four or what?
Sammy: I had to drop March Madness because I couldn’t make the finals date, but then they switched the finals date so I could have done it! Darn

Brad: We go to the same gym, you got any advice for a dude trying to get in shape?
Sammy: I’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately…I don’t want to get big, just want to be toned…I’d say make sure you get some good cardio in, do some strength building but don’t overexert, and eat lots of vegetables. Just don’t be a lazy ass.

Brad: You are touring with the Next Generation of Comedy with Ahmed Ahmed, how’s that going?
Sammy: I am touring with the NGoC tour, it’s been cool, we’ve gone to Dallas, Houston, SF, and a bunch of places in SoCal. I’m sure we’ll spread further, it’s a great opportunity for me to get out there.

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is a stand up comedian located in Los Angeles, CA

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