In this edition of Run The Light we interview comedian and film maker Scott Moran.

Ari: How did the series come together and how do you decide who to pick?
Scott: It started by me asking my friends. I actually asked Ben Kronberg first. He was the first episode I shot. I asked him because we had been hanging out a bit and wanted to make something together. So we fumbled through it and I cut it together and it really clicked. We were both really happy with it. So I showed that to Kurt Braunohler, another guy who likes to experiment, and he had an idea for one, so we shot that too. His came together even better than Ben’s because I had learned from my mistakes. So I thought I had better get a third one together and then make this the thing I do for a while. I saw Greg Barris tell this great story about getting arrested so I asked him. He said yes. Now I have 3 episodes and the few people who have seen them, love them. I launch it with Kurt because because that one seemed to be the most attention getting. The public response was great. I got A+’s from everyone. From there I had seen that Lynn Shawcroft, someone who I had met a few times had posted some jokes on twitter that were from Mitch Hedberg’s notebooks. Huffington Post wrote a story about them. I thought, its a long shot but I should ask Lynn if she would be interested in talking about those notebooks in an episode. She got back to me with a yes based on seeing Kurt and Ben’s episodes. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. From there it was all about me asking my closest friends (Rory Scovel and Andy Haynes) and asking them if they had any ideas. Rory told me about Dave Stove who lives in a van and I thought, that’s perfect. He was in. With Todd Glass I pitched him the idea after having gone to one of his parties a few years ago. He was in. Holy shit, this is starting to become a thing. After that comics started coming to me. Anytime a comic I liked sent me a message saying how they like the series I would offer to make one with them. Thats how I got Sean Patton, Steve Agee and a bunch more you haven’t seen yet. I still ask some comics and more and more are saying yes. I would love to tell you who but I think it’s fun for people to be surprised.

Ari: If you could pick any comedian to do a episode on, who would it be?
Scott: I feel like almost every comedian has an episode in them. The possibilities are endless. I would love to get Marc Maron. He sort of inspired this idea the most with his WTF podcast. I will ask him eventually. I also think it would be fun to do Bill Burr, Maria Bamford, Sienfeld, Louis CK, Todd Barry etc. Obviously those people are pretty busy and have bigger fish to fry so it may take some time to make that happen.

Ari: Which episode has been the most fun for your to make so far?
Scott: I had a lot of fun making them all. I would say Lynn’s episode was probably the most fun because traveling up to that cabin was beautiful and then getting there and having the reality of the situation sink in was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I was looking through Mitch Hedberg’s notebooks, a man who inspired me to get into comedy and whom so many dearly missed. It was surreal. It was very emotional. I felt like a voyeur and was conflicted but I knew if I cut the episode together properly, it had the potential to inspire others, so I put my feelings aside and got to work. It was a rush and got me addicted to the process.

Ari: What has been the biggest challenge in making this series?
Scott: The biggest challenge is always getting the edit right. It can be a daunting task to get just the right amount of footage to convey the message properly. I don’t always get it right. I’m getting better though. My girlfriend Sara Schaefer has been a the most help. When I’m dizzy from seeing the same footage over and over she’ll watch the rough cut and guide me to the end if I don’t see where that is myself. Rory Scovel has helped with that too and most recently Nikki Glaser gave me some good suggestions about the Joe Derosa episode. I’m fortunate to have great comics in my life who get this project and are willing to help when I need them.

Ari: You are a stand up comedian, did making this series affect your standup? If so, how?
Scott: It hasn’t gotten me any stage time which makes sense, but it has taught me a lot about stand up. There are things each comic has said in the interviews which in watching the footage over and over again during the edit, has been good lessons pounded into my brain. It’s almost like I’m sending myself to comedy school, and then sharing the best parts with others.

Ari: How long have you been doing stand up?
Scott: I have been at it on and off for about 6 years, maybe 7 depending on what you count. I have so many other artistic endeavors in my life, this series being the main one, that I don’t get on stage as often as I would like. I spent the first half of 2012 touring the country (23 cities!) more than I ever have and the second half working on this series a lot and not getting up as much which is fine with me. I’m learning my brain kind of works in spurts like that. I’m hitting the road a little with Scovel in 2013 so I’ll be back at it soon enough.

Ari: What advice would you give to those who want to get into stand up?
Scott: It’s pretty general advice here but work hard, be yourself and you have to move to LA or NYC at some point. If you don’t like to travel, there is a good chance it will remain a hobby.

Ari: Any other passions besides comedy and film making?
Scott: Yeah but I’m mildly embarrassed to say. I collect action figures. A LOT. Anyone who has seen my Masters of the Universe collection would testify to that. I also collect GI Joe’s and other random toys from my childhood. I may turn the camera on myself and do an episode of Modern Comedian about it one day. I’m still trying to figure out why I do it. It’s pretty outrageous and expensive, but I love it.

Ari: Besides ModernComedian do you have any other goals or projects in the works?
Scott: I do! But they are secrets. I have 2 very big things I’m prepping for which I am very excited to get started on and can’t believe are happening.

Ari: Anything else you would like to tell the internet?
Scott: Keep watching Modern Comedian and if you really like it, please spread the word. It really helps me to get better and bigger comics on board.

Ari: Now for the plug, where can people find you?
Scott: I’m on twitter @scottmoran9876 and my youtube channel is a part of the PBS Digital Studios network and can be located at


Make sure to check out Modern Comedian

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