In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian and actor Sean Carrigan.

Brad: You did a Youtube video where you played Brett Favre that got 4 million hits, you think Favre saw it?

Sean: You know I have often wondered about that… If he did see it, I hope he was able to have a few chuckles, he seems like a guy who would be able to laugh at himself. Believe it or not, I think Brett Favre is one the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and I’m actually a huge fan. That’s why I was sort of torn when Tony and Dan approached me about this funny short script they had written spoofing my favorite player to cheer for on Sundays. But that being said, I am an even bigger fan of comedy and couldn’t resist how funny the script was, so I studied Brett Favre for weeks, watching all his press conferences and interviews so that I could get all of his mannerisms down. And I have to say I am actually pretty proud of that video, and we had a lot of fun shooting it.

Brad: You do a great bit on stage about lawyers using comedy to win cases instead of facts. I’m thinking of doing that if I ever am in trouble, good idea?

Sean: Well according to a prosecuting attorney I met who was also moon-lighting as a comedian, using humor and wit can help win juries over, so yeah if you are planning on breaking the law, brush up on your comedic skills—hahahaha. Trust me, I always try to make cops laugh whenever I’m pulled over, and I have to say, sometimes it works.

Brad: Woodhead Entertainment is your production company, you got anything in the works you want to tell us about?

Sean: Woodhead Entertainment came together during the Favre video, it was chance collaboration between Tony Yacenda, Dan Perrault and myself. The three of us are the core of Woodhead Entertainment but with help very talented producers and friends, such as my wife Suzanne Quast-Carrigan, Michael J. McGarry, Kevin and Matt Mcmanus, Ethan Rosenberg, PJ McCabe, Matt Dahan, and a number of other talented crew and post production specialists. We have started to create our own brand of comedy as it says on our website, “Offbeat Humor with Professional Execution”. Since then it has grown exponentially due to the success of all of our videos. We have two projects that are scheduled to release soon, one is called “Average Party” and it’s a spoof trailer parody of High School party movies like “Project X”. The other one is a short film called “Timmy Muldoon and the Search for the Shadoweyes Bandit”, which follows a young boys fantasy of being an action hero, starring Owen Teague, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Jon Bernthal. So as you can see, we are excited about what’s in store for 2013.

Brad: We see you’ve been doing a load of TV shows lately and TV commercials, how is it getting your acting on?

Sean: I just back from Atlanta where I was shooting a Tyler Perry movie called “Single Mom’s Club”. I play “Tony”, the love interest of “Jan” which is played the very funny and talented Wendy McClendon-Covey (“Bridesmaid’s”). It was an amazing experience and an honor to get to work with an amazing cast and be directed by Tyler Perry. I have a commercial that has been getting a lot of play on TV and in movie theaters; it’s a playstation commercial called, “All-Stars Battle Royale” where I play “Cole MacGrath” from the video game “Infamous”. And I also have a Lifetime TV Movie coming out soon called, “Five More”, produced by Jennifer Aniston, directed by Ashley Judd, and starring Jennifer Hudson. I’m really excited about this one, because I get to play a gnarly character named, “Leonard”. I consider myself lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with such talented people.

Brad: You were a professional boxer a while back, you wanna go a few rounds tough guy?

Sean: Not a chance I now do my fighting verbally with a micro-phone in my hand… Well at least I try… hahaha

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