In this edition of Run the Light, we interview comedian and host of the popular comedian talk show Cooper Talk, Steve Cooper.

Brad: You’re the host of Cooper Talk and you interview some pretty big comedians, you have any favorite interviews you have done?

Steve: I must admit almost of my guests have been awesome. (Except one who was a last minute replacement and really has no credits but had an attitude, but I won’t mention his name,) I did have a blast with the amazing David Feldman who was late and then delayed my next guest, who was the always funny Eddie Pepitone. They’re friends and ended up on-air together during Eddie’s hour, just playfully bitching at each other. Another cool thing was when I finally got Wendy Liebman on and my guest for the second hour cancelled so she asked if she could do that segment. There has been so many awesome interviews and it always makes me feel at peace when I leave the studio.

Brad: Which comedians would you love to interview?

Steve: I would love to interview Larry David. He just makes me laugh. Whether his older stand-up, Seinfeld or Curb, the guy just never ceases to amaze. Also would love to talk with Louis CK and Chris Rock. They both are so current, and have that East Coast bite and just don’t give a crap but yet their acts so well crafted.

Brad: How did Cooper Talk come about?

Steve: I had gotten out of comedy and was doing Corporate Marketing for a small restaurant chain. I met a guy who ran at a Chamber of Commerce Event in Burbank and people said to him I’d be great for radio. I got laid off from my job, contacted him and then just went in studio without a clue and just learned off of each interview for the last two years.

Brad: You told us you have Rory Scovel, Dom Irrera, Phil Hendrie and Ian Bagg as guests in the next 3 weeks, that’s a sweet line up! How do you follow that up?

Steve: I never worry about following my past guests because I have been lucky to always have had great guests. In the first few months of the show I had my old my friend Paul F. Tompkins then booked Marc Maron and Paul Provenza so I got out of the starting block quick. I have been going back and forth with an old Philly comedy buddy Adam McKay and when his schedule, I mean think he is involved in almost every comedy project in Hollywood, permits he will come on. I also have been in touch with Tom Green’s people and Bob Saget’s people.

Brad: Any words of wisdom about interviewing comedians that you can pass on to the StandUpTalk staff? We’re always looking for suggestions…

Steve: My words of wisdom would be to listen to your guests, ask insightful questions, be light hearted, tell them not to do bits and to always stay in control. My catch phrase is “I’m only as hip as my guests”, which takes the onus off me and puts it on the comics. But the bottom line is, my guests always remember the show is called CooperTalk, my name is connected to it, so in the end I will do what I need to make us both look good.

Brad: Where Can We Find You?

Steve: has over 125 past episodes. I can also be found on iTunes and Stitcher Radio search one word (coopertalk). The show airs Wed-Fri at 4:00PM PST on and I can be followed on twitter @coopertalk

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