While most places are slow on a Tuesday night, it is one of the most popular nights for The World Famous Comedy Store. It is popular due to Laff Mobb in the Main Room, The Roast Battle in the Belly Room, along with the typical Headliner show in the Original Room.

A man in a hoody walked up to a man named Rich in front of the Original Room entrance. The man in the hoody unloaded a hand gun on Rich, shooting him several times. Screams were heard as people ran in all different directions. The comedian who was on stage in the Original Room at the time immediately got off stage as both audience members and staff ran in fear.

Rich fell to the floor still breathing. As he bled out he lost consciousness until eventually dying in a police officers arms. CPR and Defibrillation were both used to try revive Rich but he did not come back. After he was carted on a stretcher into an ambulance. He was said to have multiple wounds, in his thigh and possibly his chest and head.

The shooter fled the scene immediately after unloading his gun and as far as we know got away. Rich was said to be an audience member at the Laff Mobb show. Cops immediately blocked off the street and would not let people come in or out. In typical fashion many comedians made jokes both out loud and via Twitter but those that were at the scene and witnessed the man dying were very shook up.

Laff Mobb is described via their Twitter as “The Next Generation of Urban Comedy”. This show has had issues before, several fist fights, and Kat Williams pulling out a gun in 2014. Laff Mobb will no longer be running a show after the shooting.

Condolences to those who knew Rich.