Recently we swung by the Laugh Factory on what we thought would be a slow night (Tuesday 10:00PM). We sat upstairs expecting to watch some good comedy to a small weekday audience. The lineup was stacked, Anthony Jeselnik, TJ Miller, Neal Brennan, and Justin Martindale hosted by Grant Cotter.

It was a fairly young audience and Grant seems to be the perfect host with his high energy. The audience got into the show right away. I think you can tell that this show is going to be awesome based on the fact that TJ Miller opened up the show. He is one of our favorite performers to watch you never know what you are going to get from him, crowd work, off the wall, or material.

Next up Anthony Jeselnik, with his unique dark one liner style and his Comedy Central show we were excited to see him live for the first time. Jeselnik did not disappoint… the audience got it right away and we even got to hear him rip apart a few coeds in the front row.

Up next Neal Brennan, co-creator of the Chappelle show, his writing talent showed with an awesome performance.

Just when we thought the show couldn’t get much better Laugh Factory Regular Dane Cook dropped in to do a set. The whole time he was up on the stage I couldn’t help but think only in Hollywood will you see a lineup like this.

Then to close off the show we saw Justin Martindale while not as famous as the rest of the lineup he held his own with a hilarious close out the show.

Ok so you are thinking yea¬† that’s an awesome show but it can’t be like that every week…. but looking at past lineups, it is. Comedy Alert has had Dave Chappelle , Jeff Ross, Christopher Titus, and many more.

So if you are at home thinking there is nothing exciting to do on a Tuesday night… think again you can go see a stacked lineup of hilarious comedians on Comedy Alert at The Laugh Factory.

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