Every Wednesday at 10:00PM at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose Ave you can find some great stand up comedy. The Improv is at a less busy part of Melrose which is great as there is plenty of free parking both on Melrose and down the side streets.

Every week they pack the place with audience and industry. The Improv is one of the oldest and greatest comedy clubs in the city, its a small intimate room that breathes comedy and has great sound. They put some great up and coming talent on the stage every week along with up and coming hosts but they also get fantastic headliners such as Jeff Richards, Harland Williams, Theo Von, Pete Holmes, just to name a few. They also get some well known drop ins every week such as Dane Cook, Dave Attell, Jeff Ross, and more. On some nights they get so many great drop ins that the celebs mind battle for the earlier spots.

You know the show is good when comedians are hanging around that are not performing and this is the show where you will find that. It is hard to move around in the small Improv but it is a great time hanging out at the Improv Bar if the show room is full. Although Comedy Juice does their show at many locations you will not find the drop ins to be quite as good as at the others. Of course throughout the show you are required to purchase two drinks which only makes the show even better, and since the Improv was recently acquired I have a feeling the food is about to get better (not that it was bad before).

So if your not doing anything this Wednesday night why don’t you go check out the Comedy Juice at the Hollywood Improv, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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