Seems like just yesterday a midnight open mic started at the Hollywood Comedy Store by Comedy Store Employee/Comedian Brian Moses. Every Tuesday night 20-30 comics would show up for a chance to get some stage time in. Overall Tuesdays were pretty dead at the store and those who were not about to go on stage were for the most part hanging outside.

A few months later Brian Moses and Rell Battle created a little half time entertainment called the Roast Battle with Moses hosting and Rell Judging. Essentially this was two open mic comedians making inside jokes/insults to one another.

1st Round:
Comedians roast each other for one minute… tit for tat.

2nd Round:
Each comedian would get 30 seconds to roast one another.

3rd Round:
Person in the lead gets to choose either 30 seconds a piece or tit for tat.

After each round judges would decide a winner of the round then of course the overall winner.

Each week of the battle seemed to get better and better, the talent got better but also the comedians prepared more for the battle writing jokes in advance. The rules were refined, and the attendance of the battle also seemed to be rising with more and more comics coming to watch, even real people attending.

Fast forward to the last few months. The Belly Room is packed to capacity each week for the Roast Battle. Comics have weeks to prepare. Jeff Ross is there every week giving the comedians battling advice in between each round. Celebrity comedian judges such as Hannibal Buress, Chris D’elia, Ron Funches, Chelsea Peretti, Leslie Jones, and many more decide the winner.

Although the competition aspect of the battle is what makes it exciting, the energy from the packed room along with banter from the judges make the show one you will not want to miss.

Tuesday’s 10:30PM

Comedy Store Belly Room

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