We at Stand Up Talk have taken a lot of flack since we started. People say we are too narrow on the comics and shows we talk about, not branching out enough, talking about the same old comics, people have written, “There are many other comic circles you guys don’t cover”. Well, we hear you… there are many awesome comics, awesome venues and funny people that need attention so here it goes. Here’s a room we’ve never covered but definitely deserves some press, the Family Room Comedy Show.

First, you gotta drive your ass down to Compton if you want to get on stage at the Family Room. Two cool dudes, Brent Taylor and Teddy Ray, have run this long standing room for some time and it is pretty cool for sure. The comedy is great, these guys pack the line up with up and coming comics as well as stars such as Katt Williams and Cookie Hull to name a few. I’ve done this room a few times and if the crowd likes you, they will throw money on stage. You ever seen that before? Me neither. I made 9 bucks last time, just enough to buy the greatest Fried Chicken I’ve had in a long time. The chicken is home made at the Family Room and you gotta try it, comes with fries, really amazing stuff. The show starts at 9pm and goes late, til almost 2am. Brent tries to get everyone up on stage so there is a good chance at performing if you show up. The drinks are cheap and the crowd is the best part, they are there for comedy and will let you know either way if they like you or if they don’t like you,

The Family Room is worth checking out.

Family Room Comedy,
Every Thurs Night, 9pm
12705 Main Street,
Los Angeles, 90061

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