Last week I was graced with the invitation to sit in on Todd Glass’s very popular podcast.  This was not only an enormous honor but it was great fun. Within minutes of first meeting Todd you immediately realize that everything about Todd and his Podcast are wildly unique. The podcast is recorded above a Ferrari dealership in Los Angeles and has the warm feel of a living room at a rich kid’s fraternity. The studio/living room is completed with a pseudo comedy stage, drum set, great lighting, candles and the classic comedy red curtain to make any comedian feel at home. A picture of George Carlin looks down at you in what seems to be a constant reminder to Todd of the greatness that preceded and inspired him. Todd constantly praises George Carlin in the same manner a catholic would to Jesus or as any other religious person would to their deity. Todd is a gracious host not only allowing me into his studio but two fans that were visiting Los Angeles and simply wanted to sit in.

That being said Todd is also a very intense man who loves things in order as much as he loves comedy.  All things have a place and Todd methodically wants everything in its place. But as I got to know Todd just a little, I immediately realized that Todd is no crazier than every one of us, in fact, he may be less crazy because he makes his thoughts and feelings very clear. This is more than I can say for most people.  As I look back at the few hours I was able to spend with Todd it is clear to see that his outward expressiveness of his neuroses is exactly what makes him as hilarious and popular as he is. He sees and feels the world differently and is able to translate that into the language of comedy, precisely what most of us work a lifetime to achieve.

Once the microphones went live you could see the look in Todd’s eye change and you could most certainly hear it in his voice. It was all about the comedy, the show, laughter and creating something he not only enjoys but something he wants all his fans and listeners to enjoy.  No matter how many times me and the other guests tried to derail him, Todd proved over and over he is a comedy pro and hilarious to the core.

The funny and great podcast personality Jake Foglenest was Todd’s special guest along with Steven Feinartz. Steven is the director of “The Bitter Buddha”, the outstanding documentary on the extremely interesting and hilarious Eddie Pepitone.

In conversation with Todd Glass

Brian: Why were you drawn to comedy?
Todd: Because in a great comedy show you can get or give 20 to 30 laughs, I mean real laugh out loud come from your belly laughs, there is nothing else that can compare to that.  I wanted to be a part of that.

Brian: When did you know that you were not just another hack comedian?
Todd: When someone you respect goes out of their way to compliment you. I don’t mean they say something like, “good set”. I mean they really go out of their way to find you, shake your hand and let you know that what you just did was really really funny.

Brian: What is the toughest crowd you have ever had to perform for?
Todd: Anything corporate. Corporate shows are hard because those people aren’t there to see comedy and they really don’t care to see you.

Brian: Do you think some of the major comedy clubs in LA have lost some of their luster and why?
Todd: Yeah I do, and it’s because comedy has changed, where people want to see comedy and where great comedians preform. There are a lot of offbeat and unique venues where people can go and see really good shows. That’s how comedy should be, cool and hip. But some still do it right, the ones with crowd control.

Check out The Todd Glass Show

Thanks again to Todd and his wonderful staff.

A special thanks to Eric Ohlsen for the invitation and opportunity.

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is a writer, comedian and actor in LA. Brian has appeared on the shows “Antique Roadshow” and '”Deadliest Catch - Lake Michigan Edition”.

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