Worldwide the “Life of Pi,” has grossed $576 million…and still going. If ‘Pi’ were to win, it would be, unadjusted, the fourth biggest Best Picture winner of all time. An incredible dollar amount considering the amount of people I know who could not even make it through the preview of this movie.

As an Oscar campaign for “Les Miserables,” Universal sent voters an iPod Shuffle with the soundtrack pre-loaded. To boost “Lincoln”, actors posing as slaves were sent into a catch and release stream outside of Washington DC.

“Argo” is the frontrunner to win Best Picture, and if it does, it will be the first film to do it without a directorial nomination since “Driving Miss Daisy” in 1990. Hopefully Ben Affleck has a brighter future because since “Driving Miss Daisy” Bruce Beresford directing has been what they call in film school…one steaming pile of crap after another.

If George Clooney wins an Oscar for producing “Argo”, he’ll be the second person to win for both acting and producing, Michael Douglas did it and Catherine Zeta-Jones first.    

Denzel Washington plays an alcoholic in “Flight,” making him the 19th actor to be nominated for playing a drunk. He was almost considered the 20th but the Academy later realized Joaquin Phoenix is just that way normally.  

Quvenzhane Wallis is the first acting nominee to have a Q in her name. Which coincidently is the only part of her name you can pronounce.

“No” is the first ever film from Chile to earn an Oscar nomination. Which is also what most people say when suggested to watch it.

If he wins, Daniel Day-Lewis would be the first person to land an Oscar for playing a U.S. President. If he does not win, don’t worry, Jamie Foxx plays the president in the upcoming action thriller “White House Down” and I hear it is supposed to be an equally powerful performance.

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