Most sites including ours just link to site articles and events with their social media posts. While this allows users to use social media as an RSS reader alternative, we like to follow comedians and websites social media accounts that has fun interactive content that is different from what you get on the website.


The LaughFactory offers memes, discounts, but most importantly high quality stand up comedy videos, while we hear rumors that they shadily post youtube videos of comedians without permission we think with modern technology and the price of camera equipment every club should have a high quality video channel.


Whoever runs LaughStub’s social media not only does a good job of creating unique social content but they clearly are also comedy fans promoting great comedians through funny interactive memes. They also offer social media account discounts that make it worthwhile to follow.

The Ice House
ice house

The Ice House is the first club we have seen that is taking high quality photos of fans weekly at the club and tagging them via there social media this is fun cool way to get fans to read about upcoming shows. They also shoot some cool behind the scenes videos on their youtube channel.

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