Seinfeld – Jerry is at the top of everyone’s list hands down. If you’re on a sitcom, and the name of the sitcom is your last name, forget about it. With that payday, Jerry has been hopping outta Porsches and popping up on Forbes list for sure. Michael Richards was on the show too.

The Cosby Show – Cosby easily set the tone in the 80’s with his monster jam sitcom. Super clean comic Bill had the world watching every week as he did his thing with his family as his punchline for just under 200 episodes. Adam Sandler got his start on this show.

Full House – Bob Saget dropped a bomb when he hit paydirt on this show. Usually filthy comic Sagat cleaned up his act and made his family show a monster. Great writing and support from John Stamos and the Olsen twins landed Saget high on our list.

Everybody Loves Raymond – Ray Romano crushed over 200 episodes of this sitcom about a sports writer with an oddball family. Now Ray is on the daily train to Residual City.

Home Improvement – Tim Allen hammered this sitcom for over 200 episodes as a TV show host and cool dad. We loved the show and it helps Pam Anderson got her start on it too.

Ellen – Ellen DeGeneres cracked 100 episodes on this ground breaking sitcom about a neurotic bookstore employee turned lesbian. Since then, Ellen has exploded as daytime talk show host where she interviews famous people and dances a lot.

The King of Queens – Kevin James’s show ran for over 200 episodes with great writing and Kevin crushing it in the driver’s seat as delivery guy Doug Heffernan, supported by Jerry Stiller. Now he’s the king of big budgeted movies.

Roseanne – Roseanne Barr cracked a major home run with her sitcom Roseanne, sails way over 200 episodes. Roseanne ruled the show with an iron fist, writing and acting in every episode and would basically fire anyone who crossed her. Well, it worked big time, she now lives on a 50 arch nut farm in Hawaii.

The Larry Sanders Show – Garry Shandling played a late night talk show host in this behind the scenes sitcom from HBO. It hit for just under 100 episodes and was great dialogue the whole way. We’re happy to see Garry pop up lately in Iron Man 2 and The Dictator.

Whitney – This sitcom just entered its 2nd season with comics Whitney Cummings and Chris D’elia as live-ins making it work. Whitney has great writing and promising next season with favorite stand up Tone Bell joining the cast. Cummings isn’t as active on the stand up scene now, we guess she is killing it so hard with multiple TV shows that maybe she’s busy. D’elia on the other hand is super active on the LA scene, literally murdering audiences with his bits on drunk girls and ex-girlfriends.

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