Chris D’Elia – is on our list not because he is a star on NBC’s Whitney but because he kills harder than anyone we’ve seen on a consistent basis. StandUpTalk has seen him perform all over LA, including the Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, Parlor on Melrose and Laugh Factory and every time he leaves the crowd spinning. His bits are simple stuff and what he does better than anyone is committing to his goofy and often childish antics on drunk chicks, dudes, going to church and more drunk chicks. He also does awesome accents in his act, he used to do a great bit on Russians and now has been killing with his British dude, a crowd favorite for sure. He has a lot of fun up there, often laughing at his own bits while doing them. We saw him follow Dane Cook once at the Improv where Cook killed for like 25 minutes and D’Elia went up and and killed even harder. Catch this guy around town, he performs a lot at all the major clubs, well worth it, a real pro.


Jason Collings – Collings comes in at number two on our power ranking because he also has the ability to straight up murder on stage. He is very free flowing on stage, doing bits about his kids and being a father. We love his impressions of black women and R&B singers, he even sings during his act like a black R&B singer and he has an awesome singing voice. Half the time it seems like he is coming up with the material on the spot, but we doubt he is. Always smiling on stage, he appears to be having more fun than anyone and it definitely shows, especially at the big clubs like the Improv and the Parlor. We wonder half the time how this dude isn’t on a TV show or something, maybe in the near future…we hope.


Bobby Lee – Long time vet on the major comedy scene as well as Mad TV alum, Bobby Lee is probably the most consistent and all around funny dude we have seen, which is easily into the triple digits. He performs nightly at all the major clubs and gives a wild performance each time, often showing his pubic hair to the audience, but his material is what landed him on this list. His bits about porn, masturbating and being Korean are really great stuff and Lee knows it, often smiling after the punchline, sort of like it’s a classic bit that he loves doing. Our favorite stuff he does by far is the impression of his Korean father, it is a guaranteed laugh every time. He sprinkles in new stuff sometimes along with the standard stuff, making him a true favorite on any show line up. We aren’t the only ones noticing him as he has been popping up on TV and the big screen lately. If you haven’t seen him, we highly suggest a trip to the Comedy Store, he is there almost nightly.


Erik Griffin – Griffin is a cast member on Comedy Central’s Workaholics but he is number four on this list because of his ability to kill it on stage. He has great bits, well thought out and always seems to have a bunch of new material almost every time we see him perform. He does awesome sound effects which really add to his performance a lot, making him one of the best all around comics on the scene. His bits on reality TV, scary movies and Santa Claus are all regulars in his act as well as stuff on Stephen Hawking and foreigners shaving their bodies are awesome and crowd favorites. We once saw him handle a heckler who actually charged the stage by knocking him out with a hard right hand, no joke. Also a nightly performer on the scene, we highly recommend catching Griffin’s set at any of the major clubs in LA.


Paula Bel – Bel rounds out our power list of crushers on stage and she certainly deserves it. We’ve caught her act a lot lately and each time, she has crushed harder than the last. She is very in your face, talking about penis, hard drinking, rape and more penis, and the great thing is she does it in a way that is super funny and highly entertaining. She plays well with younger crowds, often taunting them and letting them know they ain’t shit. She is so confident in her stuff that once at the Improv, we saw her not use the microphone and just talked to a 200 person audience like they were in her living room. The audience was into it and you could hear a pin drop while she was talking, it was pretty amazing. Always with a drink in her hand, she gives off an attitude that she’s seen and done it all and we believe she has. We definitely suggest catching her at any of the clubs if you can, she’s well worth it.




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    This list is ridiculously myopic!! It’s like some douche sat at the comedy store… and only the comedy store… for a few nights scribbling the names of the dudes they’ve seen on TV. What are you doing!! Daniel Tosh, Dom Irrera, Joe Rogan, that broad form the Target commercials, Patton Oswalt, Bert Kreisher… etc. etc.??? A lot of comics make LA home and hit the clubs nightly.

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    Feel free to write up your own list James, there are many great comedians who crush in LA. We try to promote lesser known comics who we see doing well in front of audiences and also are on the LA scene almost every night, the people on this list perform at other locations besides the store such as the parlor, the factory, and others… Not too sure how you can appose this list as all the comedians on it are very talented… but feel free to send us a list of your own and if we agree we will past that too because as we said this isn’t all of the top comics just five we had been seeing when we wrote this list.

    Thanks for your comment.

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