Lisa Lampanelli – The Queen of mean tops our list because she is and has been funny for a long time and quite a phatty too.

Rosie O’Donnell – Rosie recently suffered a heart attack this past summer and it wasn’t because they were outta chili dogs. This 80’s comic has had quite a road in show biz and lands at number 2.

Roseanne Barr – Roseanne is a phatty and loves every minute of it, recently back in the spotlight getting roasted on Comedy Central, we hear she may have a phat pilot coming out on TV. Our mouths are watering just waiting.

Whoopi Goldberg – This long time phatty fav got her start with a one woman show and then burst on the scene, working for Steven Spielberg and Penny Marshall back to back. Now she’s just bursting and we love it.

Rebel Wilson – This phatty favor of the week is the newest phatty on the scene, making a big splash in Bridesmaids after her work on stage as a comic and we dug it the most. Few people know her first movie was Fat Pizza in 2004, go figure.

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