Don Rickles – Sinatra helped Rickles get his start like forever ago and he’s been killing every since. His tour schedule this year makes me tired just reading it and I’m not even 40.

Joan Rivers – Joan tours, appears on red carpets, and hocks a ton of s@#% on QVC. Does a fashion police show, sells her best selling book and sells popcorn. All by noon.

Dom Irrera – We love the pride of Philly cause of his tour schedule, TV schedule and many appearances on the LA comedy scene night after night. He also does a sweet podcast live at the Laugh Factory.

Steve Martin – Although not performing stand up, Martin has a busy musical tour with his banjo group. Musical tour is just as cool as any comedy, he’s def on the list.

Richard Lewis – The man in black is active on the stand up scene for nearly half a decade, on Curb Your Enthusiasm and is an Ohio State Buckeye so he’s def cool in our book.

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