Tom Hanks – He was a natural on a Youtube video of him doing a set in NY warming up for the movie Punchline. It’s never too late.

Russell Crowe – Crowe has attitude and we wonder how he could spin it for funny. He probably could and that’s why he’s on the list. He’d kill hecklers too.

Brad Pitt – With movies like Snatch and 12 Monkeys, who knows what crazy characters Pitt could have done to get laughs.

Mila Kunis – Funny or not, we’d watch her, but hopefully funny.

Christian Bale – This lunatic could be fire on stage. Could be a lot of others things too and we wanna watch that.

Al Pacino – Could have been the best ever.

Robert DeNiro – Could have given Pacino a run for funniest NY comic.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Leo was lights out in Gilbert Grape as the handicapped kid and who knows if he was just crazy funny too.

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