Comedians love to complain, “I am funny I do open mics but no one books me.” Here are a few ways that have worked for us as far as getting booked on shows.

Be funny, hit more mics… and then some more
Get out there, hit as many mics as you can if people see you working harder than everyone else and being funny eventually they will notice and want to help you.

Start your own show
Lots of comedians don’t want to produce shows saying they are performers not producers. Most show producers don’t want to be producing they want to be performing just like you. Producing a show will do a lot for you, it will show you comedy from another perspective. You can book your favorite comedians, and make some extra cash. The better show you run the more comedians will show up to support it, they will see you perform on it and you will give you exposure as well as people trying to trade spots. In turn running your own show can lead to a lot more stage time.

Support A Show
Go to a show and then go to it again… allow us to be more clear do not go to a show and ask to be put on the show. Go to a show and hang out and support, the producer knows you are a comedian and you would like to perform, no need to ask. Secondly be realistic, if you are one year into comedy don’t try to get thrown on a show with headliners, start at bar shows and work your way up like everyone else. “A big part of getting booked is just realizing that your not using people just for their shows.. be friendly and be cool with people, because if they like you as a person they will want to help you. “Hang out because you want too and you like the people who are on it and run it.. not because you think getting 5 minutes at the ice house will change your career.” – Anonymous Comedian

Separate Yourself From The Pack
There is a reason why having TV or Movie credits will get you booked… it makes you different and recognizable. Yea we know you are the next Chappelle but there are lots of funny comedians, what do you have that nobody else does. In today’s digital age you can create your own portfolio… Put your standup on Youtube, write and video tape a sketch, make a podcast, make a blog, generate heat for yourself.

Help Out A Show
You don’t have time to produce a show, we get it you are busy working and doing stand up at the same time. Start helping out with someone’s show, don’t ask if you can help, just help. Typically the hardest part about producing a show is getting people in the seats. So promote for them, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist. Stand out on the street and bark at people to get them into the show.

If you are complaining you don’t get booked enough, start doing these things and if you don’t want to do these things, don’t complain… and if you are doing these things and still not getting booked, maybe read our article on how not to get booked.

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