Griff Pippin will be going to Manchester, England, Stockholm, Sweden, Toronto, Ontario, and Melbourne Australia in his upcoming tour. The tour will be a three months long.

Language barriers can be an issue in some shows but isn’t a normal thing to happen. Pippin said “One show I did in Mexico, no one spoke English. So I just humped the bar stool on stage and got applause break. I was happy and sad at the same time.”

For the past several years Pippin has been touring all over the world. Headlining renowned clubs such as Jou Ma Se in Capetown, South Africa, drawing crowds in Mexico City and making fans all over Europe. This upcoming tour will be his first time to travel the world in one tour. Pippin says, “Its very exhausting organizing and setting up a tour all over the world, but I can’t put into words how enriching the experience is culturally and personally.”

He performs at hostels in the city to get ready for shows overseas.

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