If you are not familiar with the Comedy Store it was started by Sammy Shore in the 1970’s as a place for him and his friends to work out their comedy. When he went on the road his wife Mitzi took it over and turned it into one of the most profitable clubs in the world. Every comedian wants to perform at the Comedy Store, thousands come every year hoping for a three minute spot on the open mic. This year Ari Shaffir, Jerrod Carmichael and Louis CK filmed their specials at the store for Comedy Central, HBO, and FX.

While many get to perform at the store via the open mic or an outside produced show, very few get passed or become paid regulars. Comedians used to showcase for Mitzi Shore and she would decide if they had what it takes to be a paid regular at the store. Many times Mitzi would have them start by working at the club as a door guy before passing them as paid regulars. Names that worked at the Comedy Store include Robin Williams, Freddie Prinze, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Chevy Chase, Sam Kinison, Marc Maron, Andrew Dice Clay, and Jim Carrey. Unfortunately Mitzi isn’t around much these days but the tradition lives on with the latest crop of comedians showcasing for the talent coordinator who decides if they are passed or not.

Being passed or becoming a paid regular means you perform on Comedy Store produced shows in the Original Room or the Main Room, you get paid to perform by the Comedy Store, and you get your name painted on the outside wall of the store.

2014 class of paid regulars at the Comedy Store:
Anthony Jeselnik
Judd Apatow
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Donnell Rawlings
Harland Williams
Tom Papa
David Spade
Greg Fitzsimmons
Rob Schneider
Earl Skakel
Candice Thompson
Erik Meyers
Tom Green
Paul Provenza
Fred Wolf
Jim Florentine
Kyle Dunnigan
Adam Devine

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