In today’s edition of Run The Light we interview stand up comedian Robert Kelly.

Abby: When and where did you start comedy?
Robert: Geographically, Boston, MA   Technically juvie hall, either you knew how to fight or you were funny, I chose funny.

Abby: Who do you idolize outside of comedy?
Robert: Robert Downey Jr. Oh no, I take that back I don’t idolize him, I have a bit of a man crush.

Abby: Tell us about your first time on stage?
Robert: As a solo stand up comedian I was at Catch a Rising Star in Harvard Sq., Cambridge, MA.  In front of my whole family. Which reminds me that I should apologize to them individually for that.

Abby: What are you afraid of?
Robert: The funny answer, my wife getting a stomach virus on a roller coaster.The real answer, heights.

Abby: Prioritize these words, comedy, women, money, food.
Robert: Comedy, food, money, food… I omitted women because I’m married.

Abby: What advice do you have for young handsome white comedians like myself to try and get better at comedy?
Robert: No advice. That’s the last thing comedy needs is another young, funny, good looking, white guy. Just kidding, get on stage as much as you can.

Abby: What are your thoughts on The Interview Sony thing?
Robert: I think its ridiculous that we are scared of North Korea.  That we let a communist country decide what we can and cannot watch. We’re America, fuck yeah. I didn’t need North Korea to threaten me not to see a James Franco/Seth Rogen movie. I would of done that on my own.

Abby: How does comedy or the comedy scene differ from when you started?
Robert: Its harder for younger comedians now. When I was coming up there was no such thing as bringer shows or barking for stage time. The way you got on stage was being funny and that’s it.

Abby: What is your favorite room to perform in and why?
Robert: Comedy Cellar & The Village Underground because they are the two best rooms in the world. They are where comedy, as we know it today, originated.

Abby: What is your podcast about?
Robert: My podcast is a true comic hang. It’s not an interview and there are no set topics. It’s anywhere from 3-6 comics just hanging out and letting the conversation happen.

Abby: Aside from your upcoming special what projects are you most excited about?
Robert: The new TV series airing on FX this summer Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll. I play a drummer, (Bam Bam)  in a rock band that almost made it.

Abby: Your last special was in 2008 how did you know you were ready to record this new one?
Robert: It was just time. I had over an hour and 40 minutes of material and needed to get rid of it.

Abby: How did you go about getting this special made?
Robert: I am very proud of this special.  Me and Jim Serpico did this on our own.  We couldn’t be more thrilled that Comedy Central is airing it.

  • Watch Robert’s special Live at The Village Underground – Friday 1/9 at Midnight on Comedy Central
  • Pre-order the uncut, uncensored version at
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